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At Britlec, we specialise in thorough electrical testing and inspections, all of which are completed by our highly experienced, competent electricians, helping your home remain safe and compliant with electrical regulations.

EICRs, in particular, are the most common amongst our clients, designed to detect damage, deterioration and defects. We provide detailed, reliable EICRs and, should any potential risks be reported, would happily carry out any remedial works around your schedule.

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When Do You Need To Get Electrics Checked?

Depending on your circumstances and property types, how frequently you will need to schedule an EICR with our team will differ. Below are the three instances whereby testing will be necessary:

Every 5 Years For Private Rentals

It will be the responsibility of your landlord to schedule an EICR every five years, and should any problems be highlighted, they will also need to arrange for these to be rectified as soon as possible.

Every 10 Years For Homeowners

As a homeowner, an EICR every ten years will help your house, flat, or apartment to remain safe from electrical hazards. This will also help you to determine when your property would benefit from rewiring.

Before Moving Into A New Home

Although not a legal requirement, many opt for getting an EICR prior to moving into their new home to detect and resolve potential issues, particularly if they have purchased an older property.

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What Happens During Electrical Testing?

Understanding what to expect when having your electrics tested with our registered electricians will allow you to plan around your appointment. We typically follow the below three steps:

Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection

Our process always begins with a visual inspection of consumer units, sockets, electrical cables and light fittings, to name a few; this usually takes around 1 hour.



The EICR will then be used to detect hidden detects and determine whether electrics are in a satisfactory condition for continued use. This will take 3-4 hours and requires electrics to be switched off from the main supply.



Following all testing, you will be provided with a summary of the condition of your electrics, accompanied by recommendations on how you can improve safety. These recommendations will be categorised by danger level.