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Helping You To Remain Electrically Compliant

Whether you are a business owner or commercial property landlord, compliance with The Electricity at Work Regulations should be prioritised. At Britlec, our highly reputable team of experienced electricians work closely with clients to create tailored maintenance packages based on their industry and size.

These will include EICRs, PAT testing and any other necessary inspections, all with the common goal of keeping your property electrically safe at all times.

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Your Business Needs An EICR Every 3-5 Years

Depending on your industry, the frequency of your EICRs will differ. For example, high-risk environments such as factories and industrial buildings will require testing every three years, whereas an office will only need an EICR booked every five years.

During their initial survey, our team will always assess the possible dangers throughout your site and recommend how often you should book testing.

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What Happens During An EICR With Britlec?

We recognise that for any business, time is money. For this reason, we would happily schedule for all testing to be completed outside of operating hours. The process will involve the following steps:


Step 1

Wiring, switches, sockets and all electrical equipment, including those installed outside, will be assessed.


Step 2

The condition and type of wiring will be checked to determine whether you require replacement.


Step 3

After testing, we will issue an EICR detailing whether your building is “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory”.


Step 4

If the results are “satisfactory”, you will be awarded your certification.


Step 5

If the results are “unsatisfactory”, immediate repairs will be completed on any dangerous installations, and non-urgent works will be scheduled at your convenience.

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We Also Provide PAT Testing Services

Combining both a visual inspection with specialised equipment, our electricians will complete in-depth PAT testing, assessing factors such as lead polarity and insulation resistance.

Once completed, you will be provided with a full inventory detailing each appliance and its test results. The appliances will also be issued a label showing clearly whether they have passed or failed, and from here, we will advise on any further action required.

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